The modern European style menu uses fresh and seasonal ingredients which offer new inspiring ideas that change daily. Here is a sample of our Chef’s creations to give you a taste of what to expect.



  • Truffled Mushroom Veloute

    • 24.00

    soft poached egg, escargot, toasted seeds, wilted baby gem

  • Seared Coromandel Scallops

    • 30.00

    sturgeon caviar, kelp, spring peas and capers, crayfish bisque

  • Greenstone Creek Bavette

    • 27.00

    beetroot puree, crispy kale, black garlic, soya maple glaze

  • Ora King Salmon

    • 32.00

    cold smoked, pickled spring vegetables, parsley and salmon cream



  • Smoked Canterbury Duck Breast

    • 60.00

    foie gras, cured dried plums, confit duck leg, chocolate jus

  • Greenstone Creek Eye Fillet

    • 60.00

    marmite glaze short rib, courgette puree, hemp seed & pine nut crumbs

  • NZ Lamb Loin

    • 59.00

    braised lamb shoulder, parsnip puree, crispy cabbage, red onion and berry jam

  • Ora King Salmon

    • 59.00

    Auckland Island scampi, crispy chicken skin, finger lime caviar, goats cheese, crayfish bisque

  • Roasted Pork Fillet

    • 58.00

    confit leek, caramelized cauliflower risotto, poached apricot, crackling, fried locust



  • Wild Honey Pistachio Parfait

    • 20.00

    golden kiwifruit, salted shortbread crumble, honey tuille, soft cream

  • Dulce de Leche Chocolate Tart

    • 21.00

    salted caramel, green apple compote, macadamia

  • Phil’s Kitchen Signature Lemon Meringue

    • 20.00

    salted shortbread cumble, raspberries, fennel